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Let’s start with a complimentary consultation (clinical history). We’ll let you know if we can help. If not, we’ll let you know who can.


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A dark room is often the only thing for migraines. Chiropractic sees great results for patients with migraine.


We are committed to doing everything possible to get you the help you need.


In order to give you the best treatment possible we need to understand your body. We will complete a thorough clinical history, and a comprehensive examination.


At Capital Chiropractic Centre we work together. We discuss our findings with you so you know where you stand. There are no hidden surprises with us.


You came to our office for results! The best results in the shortest time is what we are committed to delivering. We will tailor a treatment plan for you, specific for your needs.


Once we get you well it is important for you to stay well. Using periodic maintanence adjustments, specific rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice we can prevent problems from returning.


Dr Winnie Wong (Chiropractor)
M. Chiro, BSc

Dr Winnie’s strength as a chiropractor is she understands what it is like to live life with constant pain and limitations. Knowing full well the frustration and stress it causes.

These health challenges Dr Winnie experienced as a teenager are what inspired Winnie into becoming a chiropractic superhero. Today, her passion and dedication for helping people with excellent chiropractic care is one of the defining characteristic of Capital Chiropractic Centre. She prides herself on providing excellent care for all of her patients. 

After graduating as a chiropractor from Macquarie University in Sydney , Dr Winnie worked as an associate here in Canberra for 2 years. From there, she decided to travel around Australia as a locum, working for many different chiropractic practices. The clinical experience she gained from this, has helped her become the fantastic chiropractic she is today. 

Dr Winnie’s passion for chiropractic and commitment to serving people was highlighted on a recent mission trip to India. Working with Hands On Health, Winnie volunteered as one of a handful of chiropractors to travel to India to deliver chiropractic adjustments to people in need.

In her spare time, Winnie loves running and exploring the trails around Canberra. If you would like to read more about Dr Winnie Wong, please click here



Everything you need to know before your first visit

Whats are the costs? Is Chiropractic covered by my private health insurance?

Chiropractic is covered by all private health insurance companies. We offer a complimentary consultation. If, after a detailed history, we can help, you can proceed with a paid examination and treatment if required. The amount covered depends on the type of cover you have, please check with your private health insurance provider. 

What should I expect on my first visit?

Prior to your first visit you will be required to fill out our new patient form (found in the new patients tab). On your first visit you will meet with Dr. Winnie Wong to discuss your current health concerns. Dr. Winnie will ask you additional questions about your health and history to get a clear picture of your entire health profile. Dr. Winnie will complete a comprehensive, neurological, postural, orthopaedic, and chiropractic examination on you, to help correctly diagnose your problem. From here, you may be referred for x-rays (bulk billed through medicare). Dr. Winnie will then explain your condition, how chiropractic can help, and discuss treatment options with you. If it is determined you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, you will be adjusted on your first visit. 

I have never been to a chiropractic before, is chiropractic safe?

Despite the media’s attempt to convince people chiropractic is dangerous, chiropractic has a fantastic safety record. An independent study completed by the New Zealand government showed that chiropractic care is in fact ‘remarkably safe’. This natural health care approach is utilised by thousands of Australians every week, is completed non invasive and carries little risk in comparison to drugs and surgery. 
Chiropractic is very safe for people of all ages, but, like any other physical therapy there are some potential risks involved. Dr Winnie will discuss any risks associated with care, and any concerns you may have prior to your first adjustment. This ensures you are well informed of your treatment options.

What is that cracking noise?

For some individuals, the noise that is made when a chiropractor makes an adjustment can be a non event, while some find it off putting. This ‘pop’ noise is simply the escape of gasses from in between the spinal joints, not bones cracking or grinding as many suspect.  The noise is no different to the gas escaping your fingers or knees. Dr Winnie utilises a variety of chiropractic techniques to help you. If the noise is something that you do not like, to make you feel more comfortable, Dr Winnie can modify treatment, without compromising your care. Just let her know about your preferences.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see a chiropractor?

Not at all. You are free to see a chiropractor on your own accord. However, if your GP decides that chiropractic care is the best option for you, your GP can provide you with up to 5 EPC (enhanced primary care) visits which are covered by medicare.

I am not in any pain, can I benefit from seeing a chiropractor?

Absolutely! Some of the world’s top athletes like Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and Michael Jordan all credit chiropractic care for keeping them functioning at their best for competition. But, you don’t have to be a world class athlete to see the benefits of chiropractic care. Perhaps more energy, better sleep, and less stress are important to you. If you have worked with us and are now no longer in pain, chiropractic is fantastic at helping prevent your condition from returning. Think of it this way – you take your car to the mechanic for regular services, not when it breaks down. If you want your body to function at its very best, chiropractic is for you!

How many adjustments will I need?

It completely depends on you, your goals, and your problem. How long has it been around for? How severe is it? How healthy do you want to become? No two people are the same, therefore, no two treatment plans are the same. Based on Dr Winnie’s findings from her history and examination process, she will cater a treatment plan specifically tailored to you.