Photo of Dr Winnie Wong (Chiropractor)

Dr Winnie Wong (Chiropractor)

Owner and Founder of Capital Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Winnie’s strength as a chiropractor is she understands what it is like to live life with constant pain and limitations. Knowing full well the frustration and stress it causes.

This struggle with her own spine through having scoliosis is what has developed her passion and dedication for helping people with chiropractic care.

After working with the chiropractor during her teenage years, Dr. Winnie decided she too would become a chiropractor. She wanted to help people live life without limitations.

Originally from Hong Kong, Dr. Winnie studied a Bachelor of Human Biology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, before making the move to Australia to study chiropractic.

While studying chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney, Dr. Winnie worked in a chiropractic office as a Chiropractic Assistant.

After graduating, Dr. Winnie worked as an associate here in Canberra for 2 years. From there, she decided to travel around Australia as a locum, working for many different chiropractic practices in underserved areas.

“Working in so many different practices, and treating so many people from all walks of life was a great experience and has helped me become the chiropractor I am today.” Dr. Winnie’s passion for chiropractic and commitment to serving people was highlighted on a recent mission trip to India. Working with Hands On India, Winnie volunteered as one of a handful of chiropractors to travel to India to deliver chiropractic adjustments to people in need.

Now, Dr. Winnie has settled back here in Canberra, starting her practice Capital Chiropractic Centre, ready to fulfil her mission of helping people with chiropractic care. In her free time, you will find her out and about on her bike, or running around the lake.

Dr. Winnie’s goal with all her patients is four-fold:
EXCELLENCE: To provide excellent chiropractic care for the Canberra community. To allow people to get out of pain and start living a better life. Get people back to doing things they love.
EDUCATION: To educate all patients on the benefits of a healthy spine, and a healthy lifestyle. Educate patients on the importance of prevention and overall well being.
EMPOWERMENT: To empower people to take control of their lives, choose actions that support their highest values, and live life to their optimal potential.
EXAMPLE: Dr. Winnie (chiro) leads by her own example, practicing what she preaches. Dr Winnie (chiro) prides herself on recommending chiropractic care to patients the same way she would recommend care to her own family, after an initial discussion to see if chiropractic care was right for them.

To make your first appointment with Dr. Winnie Wong (chiro) please use the link below. Or alternatively, she is happy to answer any questions you might have personally on the phone. She looks forward to helping you get back to your best through chiropractic care.

Photo of Dr Leah Song (Chiropractor)

Dr Leah Song (Chiropractor)


Originally from Auckland, Dr. Leah has been practicing in underserved communities for the majority of her career. This has been an immense eye-opener for her to realise that a lot of people can learn to live with significant pain and dysfunction – primarily due to the lack of direction of not knowing how and what they need to do to get back to wellness.

Dr. Leah focuses on educating people about their health and discovering together as to what their body is actually capable of so that they are able to worry less and enjoy life a bit more. Her favourite part of her job and her happiest moments with her job is when she can celebrate with the patients when they reach certain milestones that they once thought they couldn’t do before.

Leah knows and understands that life can sometimes be very overwhelming and sometimes our health priority gets pushed down the list. While she provides quality chiropractic care to anyone at any walk of life, she has special interest in working with people with chronic issues. Problem solving and finding out what the primary cause is and finding ways to tackle these issues to help unwind tension in the spine and body is her strong suit.

“Every person that walks in my doors, I look at not only how a certain problem might impact you now, but also about potential impacts it may have in the future. I want to find out if I can help and if we can, what we need to do together to make sure you can live an enjoyable life in 10, 15, 20 years time.”

Down time for Leah looks something like exploring different cafes to find where the best coffees are, or trying out different things to find what hobby she is actually good at. She knows so far that tennis and golf are definitely a no-go. But she will keep trying!

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