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About Chiropractic

Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes a man to live.” B.J Palmer


Why are chiropractors concerned with the spine?

When people think of chiropractors, they usually think of back pain, neck pain and headaches, for good reason, chiropractic is great a resolving these issues. But why do chiropractors place so much emphasis on the spine?

Well, it has less to do with the spine itself, and more about what the spine protects.




Your spine and skull are the armor for your most precious and vital organ, your brain and nervous system.

Your brain and nervous system are responsible for coordinating every single function of your body.

Breathing, beating your heart, digesting your food, moving your muscles, blinking, controlling blood pressure, sweating, and even HEALING, all of these are automatic functions of the brain/nervous system.

Your brain controls all of these functions (and many more) by sending and receiving electrical signals via the nervous system. Every second, literally billions of nerve signals are firing in your body to coordinate all your bodily functions.

The brain will receive signals from the body, process the signals, then send a response back to the body almost instantaneously.

It goes without saying that clear communication between the brain and the body is critical to ensure your brain can properly coordinate all of these amazing functions.

For this to happen, your spine needs to be able to move freely to ensure this clear connection.




Here is where chiropractic comes in…

Over the course of your life, you have likely suffered from incidents that affect your spine. Such as; small bumps, accidents, falls, repetitive stressful movements, and being stuck in bad postures, such as being slouched in a chair for too long.

As humans we don’t experience just physical stressors, by chemical and emotional stressors too.

These stressors negatively impact your spine and gradually cause your spine to become less and less flexible (This is why an adults spine is much less flexible than a child’s spine.)

This loss of flexibility in the spine creates problems for your body. Most notably, in your nervous system. These changes in your spine place pressure and stress on your nervous system.

When this is the case, it creates an interference in the signals being sent between your brain and your body.

Much like listening to the radio, as you pass through a tunnel, the signal becomes interrupted and all you hear is static.

The messages become scrambled.

If the messages from your brain to your body become scrambled, many things can occur, such as; decreased coordination, slower reaction times, and the final straw is pain.

Most pain that people experience (except acute injuries) occur due to this gradual breakdown in communication between the brain and the body.




Chiropractic is concerned with restoring correct movement patterns to your spine so that there is no interference on the nervous system. That way your brain can send and receive the vital messages without any interference.

Dr Winnie Wong will use various techniques, both hands on and gentle to adjust your spine, thus restoring the correct spinal movement and allowing your brain and body to communicate effectively once more.

Having clear communication between your brain and body not only helps you get out of pain, it helps you heal, and helps you function at your very best.

If you think that chiropractic is for you, please use the link below to book your first appointment with Dr Winnie Wong online.

It may be the first step you take towards better health.