Things you didn’t know about your posture:

There are many misconceptions about posture that were told from our young days. 

When you were a kid, how many times were you told to fix your posture? It was always supposed to be something “so simple”. 

Just straighten up your back and your posture is “fixed”. Right? If you don’t straighten up your posture you’re “lazy”.

But we’re here to tell you it’s actually not that simple, and having posture doesn’t make you lazy either!

We’re going to take you through 3 things you probably didn’t know about posture. Ready? Here’s the first thing they haven’t told you about posture:

1. Your brain has coded a map for your posture.

And your brain is desperately trying to maintain and follow this map. If you have poor posture, your brain might not know that. When you “fix” your posture by straightening up, guess what usually happens.

Before you know it, your posture returns to what it was.

If you want to properly change your posture, you need to rewire and retrain your brain.

This is where chiropractic care comes in! We work together with you to retrain your brain and create a new map of what your posture looks like. When your brain is re-trained, it’s easier to have an amazing posture!

Here’s another thing you haven’t been told about posture:

2. Your poor posture may be your body’s attempt to protect you

Yes, that’s right. Some people’s posture is a way to protect old injuries. Poor posture can guard old injuries, and it’s your body’s way of trying to prevent re-injury.

It’s actually very ironic considering that it’s also the thing limiting you from getting better.

Imagine doing everything you do, going about your day to day life, but doing it with poor posture. Doing activities with poor posture means injury and further misalignment is much more likely to occur. This creates a never ending loop of injury, guarding and then reinjury, it’s like a vicious cycle..

This is why chiropractic care is important, it gets you out of the loop and onto the path for alignment and recovery.

Speaking of loops and vicious cycles, we’re onto the last thing they haven’t explained to you about posture:

  1. Poor posture is like being in an awkward position long term

Moving your body in an awkward way for a short time can’t hurt you. But when that awkward position becomes long-term, such as poor posture, that’s when you’re in trouble. 

Imagine you’re holding a ball in your right hand and suspending that hand up high, by your side. You can comfortably do that for a minute, right? How much longer can you hold it out like this?

What about all day every day? No way, it’s uncomfortable and after a while it gets painful. Your body starts trying to compensate.

Holding out that ball is an analogy for having poor posture. What if instead of the ball, it’s your head sitting too far forward? (We call that forward head posture). The more forward your head sticks out, the greater the load on your neck. 

This kind of pressure on your nervous system interferes with the way your body nourishes itself with nerve flow and blood flow & can negatively impact how your body’s systems work together.

This is why chiropractic care is important: to help your body get out of that awkwardly poor posture.

Posture is a commonly talked about topic, and chances are if you have poor posture, you are aware that you need to improve it. However most people don’t really know the above mentioned things about posture. 

Let’s do a quick recap: 

  • Poor posture doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it just means we need to rewire your brain and re-teach it about correct posture.  
  • Your body trying to protect you after previous injury sometimes is the reason for long term poor posture and RE-injury - so we have to get out of that vicious cycle with chiropractic.
  • Awkward and uncomfortable positions are okay …for a very short while. But as soon as it becomes long term, that’s poor posture and it contributes to misalignment and poor nerve and blood supply.

This is why chiropractic care is extremely important. If you’ve had experience with poor posture before, or you’re not sure if your posture is optimal,then this is the perfect opportunity for you to find out by asking a chiropractor. 

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